Recent work

Luc Hoffmann Institute

A responsive website for an effort to unite the sharpest minds in conservation worldwide; for the World Wildlife Fund.

Role: design & development.

UW CoEnv Faculty Directory

A dynamic filtering app for faculty at the University of Washington's College of the Environment.

Role: design & development; portraits by BDSJS.

College of the Environment

A complete responsive redesign for the College of the Environment at the University of Washington.

Role: design & development; additional development by Ryan Scherler.

Conservation Scholars Program

A single-page responsive website for an exciting new conservation program at the University of Washington.

Role: design & development.

Imaging the Arctic

A single-page responsive site for a unique art and science collaboration between a polar biologist and an expeditionary artist.

Role: design & development.

David Moskowitz

A responsive portfolio and custom image library app for an exceptional wildlife photographer, tracker and educator.

Role: design & development.

Mozambique Eyecare Project

A website to support an effort to train eyecare specialists in Mozambique. Featuring multimedia work by the talented Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele.

Role: design & development.

Vital Signs

A single-page responsive website for a worldwide agricultural ecosystem monitoring project; for Conservation International.

Role: development; design by Benjamin Drummond.

The Natural Histories Project

A custom app showcasing conversations on the rebirth of Natural History. In collaboration with, and featuring portraits and audio by Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele.

Role: development; design by Benjamin Drummond.

Natural History Network

A website connecting a deep network of natural history educators.

Role: design & development.

Peer Education Institute

A single-page responsive website supporting this peer-driven sex education program; for Planned Parenthood.

Role: design & development.

Sustainability in Prisons Project

A responsive refresh for this innovative program to bring sustainability into prison culture across the country.

Role: design & development; original design by Benjamin Drummond.

Conservation Remix

A dynamic design for an annual conference to foster creative thinking in conservation; for Conservation Magazine.

Role: design & development.